The Pros and Cons of Using Stretch Marks Creams

A lot of people these days especially women have a hard time dealing with stretch marks. Stretch marks happen when there is sudden change in the body of a woman such as weight gain or rapid weight loss and pregnancy. This is the reason why there are tons of products that aim to get rid of stretch marks. The thing is, whenever a certain product is used, there are pros and cons and to know more about the pros and cons of stretch marks creams, please read through this article.

According to a close named Anna, just like any other woman who goes through pregnancy, she also had issues with stretch marks in the past. The thing is, she was also able to try out different products in terms of finding the best ones that treat stretch mark scars. To know more about what her observation is, here are some of the things that she was able to list down as pros and cons of stretch marks creams:


One of the best things about using stretch marks creams would be the fact that the skin is kept hydrated and moist thereby keeping the skin healthy and free from the ugly scars brought about by stretch marks. This is why it is important to consider creams that helps hydrate the skin since it is also known to help the skin have a more even tone. When losing weight, people need to bear in mind that the skin is well hydrated and smooth to ensure that it is stretch mark free.

Stretch mark removal creams are also known to be great in terms of helping other scars of marks on the skin a lot smoother. People can even pick from different products that could be used all over the body to ensure that people would easily get rid of the stretch marks easily.


The thing is, just like any other product that people could get, stretch mark removal creams may not provide people their desired effects. This is because every person has different skin type so if it would work fast on the others, it may not work well for some. Those who have thicker marks would certainly need to be patient in terms of making the scars disappear. There is also a possibility that people with very sensitive skin might have some allergic reactions to the creams.

Another thing that may be attributed to the con of using creams as scar remover is the fact that effects are a bit longer as compared to getting a laser therapy.

These are some of the things that could be attributed to the pros and cons of stretch marks creams based on the research of a friend named Anna. These things can be validated by trying out using creams in treating stretch mark scars. It is highly recommended to consult a doctor or a dermatologist for further assistance in terms of getting rid of stretch marks scars. Check out what the advantage of these creams and decide whether they work or not!

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