The Pros and Cons of Using Stretch Marks Creams

A lot of people these days especially women have a hard time dealing with stretch marks. Stretch marks happen when there is sudden change in the body of a woman such as weight gain or rapid weight loss and pregnancy. This is the reason why there are tons of products that aim to get rid of stretch marks. The thing is, whenever a certain product is used, there are pros and cons and to know more about the pros and cons of stretch marks creams, please read through this article.

According to a close named Anna, just like any other woman who goes through pregnancy, she also had issues with stretch marks in the past. The thing is, she was also able to try out different products in terms of finding the best ones that treat stretch mark scars. To know more about what her observation is, here are some of the things that she was able to list down as pros and cons of stretch marks creams:


One of the best things about using stretch marks creams would be the fact that the skin is kept hydrated and moist thereby keeping the skin healthy and free from the ugly scars brought about by stretch marks. This is why it is important to consider creams that helps hydrate the skin since it is also known to help the skin have a more even tone. When losing weight, people need to bear in mind that the skin is well hydrated and smooth to ensure that it is stretch mark free.

Stretch mark removal creams are also known to be great in terms of helping other scars of marks on the skin a lot smoother. People can even pick from different products that could be used all over the body to ensure that people would easily get rid of the stretch marks easily.


The thing is, just like any other product that people could get, stretch mark removal creams may not provide people their desired effects. This is because every person has different skin type so if it would work fast on the others, it may not work well for some. Those who have thicker marks would certainly need to be patient in terms of making the scars disappear. There is also a possibility that people with very sensitive skin might have some allergic reactions to the creams.

Another thing that may be attributed to the con of using creams as scar remover is the fact that effects are a bit longer as compared to getting a laser therapy.

These are some of the things that could be attributed to the pros and cons of stretch marks creams based on the research of a friend named Anna. These things can be validated by trying out using creams in treating stretch mark scars. It is highly recommended to consult a doctor or a dermatologist for further assistance in terms of getting rid of stretch marks scars. Check out what the advantage of these creams and decide whether they work or not!

Natural Ways to Relieve Yourself of Dark Circles Under your Eyes

Are you someone who’s constantly deprived of sleep? Do you experience copious amounts of stress on a regular basis? Do you smoke a lot just to cope with rather worrisome situations? If so, there’s a pretty good chance that your health may be on a state of decline, and this would be made even more apparent on your skin. In fact, the situations stated can lead you to develop dark circles under your eyes. This is something which has caused some concern for those people who are looking to maintain a flawless complexion. Of course, there are times when you just can’t avoid stressful circumstances, and even your genetic makeup may even play a part in the development of this rather unsightly discoloration under your eyes.

If you’re bothered with its presence, you will need to act before the situation gets worse, especially when it is a clear indicator of how your skin is unhealthy. It makes itself evident under your eyes since the skin around that area is a lot more delicate and quite thinner than the skin in other areas of your body. Your skin may also get dry, which makes it prone to conditions such as discoloration, puffiness of your eye bags or even the development of under-eye wrinkles. You’re certainly not the only one suffering from this condition, which is why there have been many studies conducted on how to effectively be rid of this problem. There are many ways in which you can actually remove those dark, ugly looking circles under your eyes, and below are just a few of the preferred methods.

  • There are some home remedies which you can use in order to eliminate the presence of dark skin under your eyes. These remedies are quite safe since they make use of natural ingredients and nutrients which can provide further healing to the thin and sensitive skin under the eyes. Some of these remedies include cucumber slices. This proves to be an amazing form of treatment, since it can actually relieve your eye bags from any discoloration. You will need to lay them on your eyes before you go to bed, or even for 10 to 15 minutes during any part of the day. This method provides relaxation and a soothing sensation which can help boost blood circulation in the area.
  • Apart from this, you can also cut down from bad habits such as smoking cigarettes or drinking a lot of alcohol. These two are pretty huge reasons why you would end up developing discolored circles under your eyes. Cigarette smoking can actually dry out your skin a whole lot, thus depriving you of all the essential vitamin supplements required by your epidermis to function properly.

Now that you’ve been informed about these things, you wouldn’t have to wonder how you can avoid getting dark circles under your eyes. Remember that going natural with your treatments can also help you save a lot of money from expensive creams and topical solutions.

How to Prevent Acne

Acne is a disastrous skin condition that can leave you with a face full of zits and even permanent scars that can make you look like a cottage cheese. Prevention is still the best treatment for acne.

Knowing its causes will give you the full understanding of the nature of the disease and how you can spare your skin from the zits.

What is Acne?

This word is from the word “acme” (Greek) which literally means “highest point” or “spot”. After hundreds of decades, this skin disease is now referred to as “acne”. This condition involves your sebaceous glands also known as oil glands.

You may find it not serious yet acne can leave you with more serious problems such as acne scars.

The Oil Glands

The gland which produces sebum or oil is called sebaceous gland. They are the root cause of acne development. These glands are connected to the pores of your skin through tiny canals known as follicles.

The oily substances maintain balance on your skin and spare it from signs of skin aging such as wrinkles. However, the production of oil may make your skin prone to the skin disease called acne.

How It Develops

The red bumps appear when bacteria infect your follicles. Cell debris, oil and dirt may clog your pores and serve as good medium for the causative agent called Propionibacterium acnes.

Your follicles may get inflamed which is characterized by redness and swelling of the skin. Red bumps may start to appear and what is even worse is that you can have the zits which are filled with the nasty pus.


The most common location for acne is your face. This ugly bump can also develop on your neck, shoulders, back and chest. Other types of skin blemishes related to acne are blackheads and whiteheads.

The culprit to these skin conditions is still an overactive sebaceous gland.

What are the Causes?

The exact cause of acne is yet unknown. However, there are many factors that can contribute to its development. Some experts believe that the food that you eat can cause breakouts.

Dairy products such as milk are known to cause pimples or acne. Hormone changes which usually occur in puberty are also known culprit to acne development.
The androgen production in your body may cause acne.

This hormone makes your oil glands produce more sebum which in turn makes your skin prone to the growth of bacteria. Skin experts also do believe that genetics has something to do with acne development.

You may notice that you are not the only one in the family that has the problems with the zits.

Are you taking any drug or substance that can increase the growth of acne on your face? Lithium which is a psychiatric drug may cause breakouts to your skin. Tell you dermatologist about the drugs that you may be using at the moment.

Acne is a disastrous skin condition. However, your knowledge about the factors to its development makes it highly preventable.

If you want to try over-the-counter acne product then make sure you do your own research and read the reviews on the internet before buying one.

Essential Oils and Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can happen to both women and men of any age and they are often caused by pregnancy, sudden weight gain or weight loss. They can also occur on boys and girls who are going through puberty due to the development of hips and breasts and growth spurts.

Although these stretch marks cannot be removed that easy, one can reduce their appearance or conceal it using various techniques.

Several products are available on the market which can address these stretch marks. A few of them have essential oils like helichrysum. However, the Mayo Clinic notes that none of the products have been scientifically proven to be really effective for the treatment of stretch marks.

Thus, ointments, creams, and several other products which claim to prevent appearance of stretch marks are not that harmful, but they do not really offer any help.

Essential Oils

The Essential Oil University states that essential oils are aromatic, volatile oils which have been obtained through hydrolization of botanicals. Various kinds of plants may be used to get these essential oils and these include wood, bark, stems, roots, seeds, leaves, and flowers.

A few of the most common essential oils include thyme, peppermint, orange, lemon grass, cinnamon, chamomile, camphor, bay, sandalwood, and lavender.


Essential oils are commonly utilized in aromatherapy. Essential oils have demonstrated their ability to aid cancer patients in the symptoms of their diseases, which includes stress.

Aromatherapy is also useful for the treatment of insomnia in older people from nursing homes. Additionally, aromatherapy has been proven to lessen vomiting, nausea, fear, and anxiety in women who are pregnant, assist people who are depressed when used in giving massages, and decrease agitation in patients with dementia.

However, there is still no evidence that these essential oils may be used in the treatment of stretch marks.

Stretch Marks

Straie, another term used for stretch marks, is a kind of scarring often linked to pregnancy. The Mayo Clinic notes that these stretch marks may appear purple, red, or pink and they often form in the thighs, buttocks, upper arms, breasts, and the abdomen.

Their formation is not usually serious as they have the tendency to fade after some time. However, stretch marks which are widespread may be a sign of diseases involving the adrenal glands.


The truth is that these stretch marks cannot be prevented even when you use lotions, oils, and creams which promise to deliver these results. According to the Mayo Clinic, the most excellent way to reduce stretch marks is to sustain a healthy weight all throughout your pregnancy.


The different remedies for stretch marks which are available in the market are only somewhat effective. These will not completely get rid of the stretch marks, but they can help in fading them away after some time.

Some of these treatments include the use of tretinoin creams, which help in rebuilding collagen.

According to research, tretinoin improves the appearance of red and pink stretch marks which are least a month old, but these should not be used for pregnant women. Some of the other treatments include microdermabrasion and laser therapy.

Understanding the Different Causes of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Dark circles under the eyes are often a common occurrence that happens to many people. This is the main reason why many people are looking for ways to deal with the dark circles in and around their eyes that they are currently having.

However, in order to treat the dark circles, one must know the actual causes of dark circles. This is because dark circles are not just caused by one thing. In fact, dark circles actually have many causes.

Understanding these causes can also help persons pick the right treatment that can actually help them deal with the dark circles in and around their eyes.

Here are some of the causes.

  • Lack of sleep – this by far is the most common cause for dark circles in and around the eyes. It does not matter if the person is old, young, male female, fat or thin. If a person is not getting enough sleep, then dark circles will eventually form after just a few days. This is the main reason why people who get dark circles in and around their eyes would often need to get some sleep fast. Regardless of what kind of treatment one goes with, the treatment will not be effective if one does not get enough sleep. Sleeping allows the body to repair itself. It also means that the body will feel refreshed an energetic. It will also make the person look younger and remove the dark circles fast. Sleeping is definitely a great cure.
  • Allergic reactions – there are many dark circles that are often formed due to allergic reactions. An allergic reaction basically happens when a person comes into contact with anything that they are allergic to. If their allergic reaction affects the skin around their eyes, then there is a big chance that they will develop dark circles around the eyes. When this happens, anti allergy medicine is the best recourse.
  • Genetics – there are those who get dark circles not as a medical condition but due to heredity. The skin coloration around the eyes can be hereditary. If a person’s parents have dark circles around their eyes, then he will also have dark circles. If the dark circles are due to heredity, then one cannot fix the problem unless they hide it with makeup. That is the best that they can do.
  • Smoking and drinking – smoking and drinking stresses the body. As such, too much smoking and drinking can definitely lead to dark circles in and around the eyes. This is the main reason why people should avoid smoking and drinking at all costs. This will ensure that they will no longer have to deal with dark circles. Smoking should be quit completely while drinking can be minimized.

By knowing these different factors that cause dark circles, one can avoid them and ensure that they do not have to deal with the effects of dark circles. One can also talk with doctors just to be sure about the issue of dark circles.

How To Respond on Your Acne Fast

As our society evolves, new trends and norms start to surface. Whether you admit it or not, society dictates what is IN or OUT, and having acne and acne marks has never been and never will be IN! No matter what age group or sub-culture you belong in, whether you are fair, honey-skinned, or tanned, may you be blonde, brunette, red-head, or black hair: there is no excuse for having visible acne and acne marks.

Fact still remains: simple acne could ruin your job interview that you have long been waiting for. It could make your dream date into a horrible one. And if worst comes to worse, it could destroy your self-esteem. However, fret not! There are lots of best acne products to prevent acne or even treat severe ones.

1. Wash your face twice daily. This is not optional! Morning and evening before snoozing are the best time to prep-up your face. One big misconception is that acne could be prevented by washing your face frequently, when in fact, frequent washing could dry up your skin; it prevents natural oils from surfacing which is essential in blocking germs and bacteria from budding on your skin. There are different facial wash and soap for different skin types, know what works best for you.

2. Always use a moisturizer with sunscreen. Having oily skin is no exception on using moisturizers. There are oil-free moisturizers available, just check the labels. Moisturizing is very essential to keep skin healthy and supple; it helps slow down skin ageing. Sunscreen or SPF is the most important ingredient that you should look when choosing a moisturizer, the higher SPF the better.

3. Exfoliate at least twice a week. Exfoliating removes dead skin which causes roughness and bumps. However, it must not be overdone for it may leave skin dry and irritated. When you exfoliate, it is easier for your skin to absorb your moisturizer which keeps it more supple and healthy-looking.

4. Use tea tree oil OR salicylic acid when treating acnes. Use either SA or TTO, but never use both at the same time, doing so may cause further breakouts due to the skin would really dry up after use. Some prefer using Benzoyl Peroxide. Just make sure to dab it on affected areas only. Results may vary depending on skin type. Concealer sticks with tea-tree oil are available; you could use it on covering up blemishes without irritating it.

5. Always use non-comedogenic products on your face. Make sure to check your make-up and see to it that it is non-comedogenic to avoid clogging of pores which irritates the skin and worsen acne conditions. As much as possible, look for spray or pump containers especially for choosing BB creams or foundation to help prevent contamination. Also, opt for brushes instead of sponge when applying face powder.

6. Keep your hands off your face. Always have a hanky, wet wipes, or hand sanitizers handy. Bacteria nestle everywhere and on everything we touch. We are not being OC (obsessive compulsive) here, okay? This is just one of the simple things that we oftentimes neglect to do. It all boils down on being “hygienic” enough.

We have our own insecurities and imperfections, and society is not making it easier for us. Acne and blemishes are all part of “growing up”, and when we say growing up; it means that it is part of the process of becoming which sooner or later we just have to get over with. Youth is a gift that you should enjoy and not to fuss about superficial. In the end, people might forget how you look and what you look like, but the good things you shared with them will linger forever.